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Nutrisol was started in 2009 to supply innovative mineral ingredients to the food fortification and supplement industries. Nutrisol was founded by an industry veteran with over 10 years of executive experience in the development and manufacture of specialty mineral compounds. Nutrisol takes advantage of this experience by developing products and specialized manufacturing processes to support mineral compounds with enhanced bioavailability.

Nutrisol provides product solutions. We specialize in customizing product characteristics to meet the exacting customer demands. Customers come to Nutrisol to find the solution to their formulation challenges. Because of our significant product expertise, we can select the right chemistry to match the need and then tailor the product’s physical characteristics to match the specific application. The product offering includes specialty forms of minerals and trace minerals.

Science drives all that we do at Nutrisol. The product offering is based on researched ingredients. Manufacturing processes are optimized to control manufacturing and processing costs. Application experience allows us to help the customer find the solution to their specific application and formula. Customer challenges are our opportunities. Nutrisol is committed to support ongoing research and development in the area of mineral technology for human nutrition.